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  • Who We Are

    Gotham Media helps our clients to connect with their clients. We develop strategies and execute tactics that find the people who need your goods and services, and then convert them to clients and customers. Making use of the newest tools and techniques available we're able to pinpoint the people you need to reach and to analyze our results in real time. And we've been at it for over a decade.


    Our background is unique. Founder Gordon Platt is a Harvard educated attorney and an Emmy Award winning former investigative journalist for ABC News Nightline. Together with an experienced team he offers a different perspective and approach to marketing. We find out what your competitors are doing, and then figure out a way for you to do it better. The result is a combination of marketing, communications strategy and management consulting.


  • What We Do

    Custom Content

    Content Marketing

    Gotham Media's team of professional writers and journalists creates customized content designed to reach help you to reach and connect with your highly desired demographic. From blogs to speeches and articles, we dive deeply to create well researched, informative and entertaining content for your audience.

    Social Media

    Direct Outreach

    Gotham Media will create and execute a social media plan to place you in front of the people you need to reach. The selection of the most appropriate social media channel and engagement are the two most critical components of our social media strategies.

    Competitive Intelligence

    Finding Out The Real Story

    Two decades of experience as an Emmy Award winning investigative producer provide a wealth of knowledge in how to get to the bottom of the story. Drawing upon these tools Gotham Media is able to find out what your competitors are doing (and not doing) and then to figure out the ways that you can do it better.

    Investor Relations

    Keeping In Touch

    Keeping investors apprised of a company's activities is essential and Gotham Media offers the communications tools that not only fulfill your legal and corporate obligations but also keep investors excited about being a part of your company. We also draw upon more than two decades of experience in dealing on a first hand basis with leading venture capitalists, seed and angel investors.

    Reputation Management

    Reputation is Everything

    Gotham Media will find out where you stand in the marketplace and among your competitors and clients. Using data obtained in a baseline audit, we'll work with you to shape the reputation that you want out in the world, online and off.


    Targeted Advertising

    Gotham Media will create, manage and execute a customized Pay-Per-Click campaign on Google for your business or product line. We will work within your budget to create a list of keywords that can reach your target demographic economically and effectively. We'll manage the account on a daily basis to ensure that you're getting the most bang for the buck and to keep it coordinated with your organic search presence.


    Media Outreach

    Shaping Opinion and News Coverage

    Drawing upon years of experience working for major media and news outlets, the Gotham Media team can develop and execute a plan to enlist reporters, producers and bloggers to cover your story. We will work with you to shape your unique story, walk you through the process of news coverage and prepare you for interviews.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The Top of the Heap

    Creating compelling content is only half of the challenge. Your prospective clients and customers need to know where to find you. Using tried and true techniques (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears), Gotham Media will make sure that you rise to the top in searches on Google and other major search engines.

    Lead Generation and Email Marketing

    Creating Your Own Database

    Most commercially databases are garbage. Full stop. They're expensive and inaccurate. We take the time and effort to create complete databases based on demographic information that you provide. We'll then use that information to create customized email outreach campaigns. We monitor the response to each mailing to classify and categorize leads so that we can follow up most effectively with those leads that are most likely to convert to sales.

    Video Production

    Branded and Customized Videos

    We start the process with Emmy Award winning broadcast experience. We then add our experience in branding and the expertise gained in working with companies and firms of all types to create a customized video experience. Once the video is produced Gotham Media will arrange to gain maximum exposure for the production on multiple media channels and platforms.

  • Gotham Media Events

    We got our start producing informative and entertaining events for major institutions like the Ford Foundation and the Columbia School of Journalism. Ten years and a couple of hundred events later, we're still going strong producing events focusing on innovation. Let us produce a customized event for you or become a sponsor of one of our popular event series.

  • About Gordon Platt

    Gordon Platt is the Founder and President of Gotham Media. He is a Harvard educated attorney and a member of the bar in New York and Massachusetts, a nationally recognized television producer and documentary filmmaker, and the first Executive Director of the Poliak Center for First Amendment Issues at Columbia Journalism School.


    As an investigative producer for ABC News Nightline he was the recipient of an Emmy Award and a Dupont Columbia Silver Baton as well as other national awards. He was also honored by the American Bar Association with a Silver Gavel Award for his expose of a corrupt undercover drug investigation in rural Texas that led to the release of more than a dozen wrongly convicted citizens.


    Gordon has produced hundreds of events focused on the media, technology, advertising, security, finance and law for numerous companies, institutions and organizations, and has developed programs for the Ford Foundation the New York State Court of Appeals and the National Association of State Legislatures. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School, the London School of Economics (Leonard Schaprio Scholarship) and Dartmouth College (Reynolds Fellowship, Summa cum Laude).

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